NM04–Strain-balanced GaAs(1-x)Bi(x)/GaN(y)As(1-y) W-type quantum wells for GaAs-based 1.3-1.6µm lasers

Highly-mismatched alloys constitute a promising approach to extend the operational range of GaAs-based quantum well (QW) lasers to telecom wavelengths. This is challenging using type-I QWs due to the difficulty to incorporate sufficient N or Bi via epitaxial growth. To overcome this, we investigate a novel class of strain-compensated type-II QWs combining electron-confining, tensile strained GaNyAs1y and hole-confining, compressively strained GaAs1xBix layers. We systematically analyse the optoelectronic properties of W-type GaAs1xBix/GaNyAs1y QWs, and identify paths to optimise their threshold characteristics. Solving the multi-band k·p Schrodinger equation self-consistently with Poisson’s equation highlights the importance of electrostatic confinement in determining the optical and differential gain of these QWs. Our calculations demonstrate that GaAs1xBix/GaNyAs1y QWs offer broad scope for band structure engineering, with W-type structures presenting the possibility to combine high long-wavelength gain with the intrinsically low non-radiative Auger recombination rates of type-II QWs.

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