Light-Emitting Diodes


LED01–Effect of Inhomogeneous Broadening in Deep Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes

Roemer F., Witzigmann B.

Due to their small dimensions deep ultraviolet (DUV) light emitting diodes (LED) are highly attractive light sources for environmental and medical applications. DUV LEDs generate light in active quantum wells (QW) made of Aluminium Gallium Nitride. The QWs are not lattice matched to the substrate and only few monolayers thick making them susceptible to compound […]

LED02–Rigorous simulation of photon recycling effects in perovskite solar cells and LEDs

Aeberhard U., Zeder S., Ruhstaller B.

Secondary photogeneration due to reabsorption of internally emitted photons in metal halide perovskites is assessed using a novel dipole emission model that is compatible with detailed balance rates. The model considers the non-uniform local photon density of states of thin film absorbers/emitters consistently in internal and external emission and provides insight into the impact of […]

LED04–Marked efficiency enhancement of 222 nm AlGaN-based deep-UV LEDs for disinfection of SARS-2 (Covid-19)

Jamil T., Usman Muhammad, Jamal H., Khan S.

The AlGaN-based deep ultraviolet light emitting diodes (DUV LEDs) for the disinfection of SARS-2 (Covid-19) are proposed in this study. The optoelectronic characteristics of DUV LEDs are numerically analyzed. The results show that the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) and radiative recombination rate are excellently improved in the proposed LED. This significant enhancement is due to […]

LED05–Engineering the Active Region to Enhance the IQE by ~8% in AlGaN/GaN based UVC LED

Acharya J., Venkateshh S., Ghosh K.

To increase the internal quantum efficiency (IQE) of AlGaN/GaN based multi quantum-well (MQW) UV-C LED, the aluminium composition of barriers and wells in the active region has been engineered. Increase in electron-hole overlap and hence the radiative recombination rate in the final engineered structure has enabled to enhance the IQE by 8%.

LED06–Modeling of secondary optics LED aerodrome fires

Kvach Y.

The development of LED technology has allowed the Ukrainian Association of Lighting Enterprises of Vatra Corporation to develop the construction of LED equipment for the airfield light signal systems. Features of fire design, angles of installation of fires, difficulties in observing LED aerodrome fires – these factors influence the decision making when establishing visual contact. […]