Davidson Z. C. M.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1UB, U.K.


NM04–Strain-balanced GaAs(1-x)Bi(x)/GaN(y)As(1-y) W-type quantum wells for GaAs-based 1.3-1.6µm lasers

Davidson Z. C. M., Rorison J. M., Sweeney S. J., Broderick C. A.

Highly-mismatched alloys constitute a promising approach to extend the operational range of GaAs-based quantum well (QW) lasers to telecom wavelengths. This is challenging using type-I QWs due to the difficulty to incorporate sufficient N or Bi via epitaxial growth. To overcome this, we investigate a novel class of strain-compensated type-II QWs combining electron-confining, tensile strained […]