LD13pd–Numerical Modeling and Experimental Validation of Tm- and Er-Doped Tellurite Microsphere Lasers

We report an efficient semi-analytical method for modeling of CW rare-earth ion-doped microlasers. We numerically simulated threshold pump powers and expected laser wavelengths for in-band pumped Tm- and Er-doped tellurite glass microspheres. With the increase of Q-factor, the laser wavelength grows smoothly for Tm and there are jumps from the C-band to the L-band for Er, which confirmed experimentally. The same method was used to study the possibility of multi-wavelength cascade lasing in Tm-doped microsphere pumped at 0.792 μm. Depending on the pump power and Q-factor, single-wavelength lasing at 1.9 μm, two-wavelength lasing at 1.9&1.5 μm and at 1.9&2.3 μm, and three-wavelength lasing at 1.9&1.5&2.3 μm can be attained. The presented theoretical model can be used to simulate microlasers based on different matrices doped with different active ions.

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