IS13pd–6‑Channel Plasmonic Demultiplexer using Metal/Insulator/Metal Based Circular Resonators with Silver Nano Rods Arrays

In this paper, we design and propose a compact 6-channel plasmonic demultiplexer (DMUX), utilizing of metal/insulator/metal (MIM) circular resonators (CRs) with metal nano‑rod arrays (NRAs). The resonance wavelengths of the output ports depend on the number of metallic NRAs in the CRs. For the numerical examination of the designed scheme, the finite‑difference time‑domain (FDTD) technique is chosen. The results show that a maximum transmitted power is 33%, and the average channel spacing value is 82nm. The proposed 6-channel DMUX with compact dimensions, can be used in future optical communications.

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