D09–Near Infra-red Photosensor using Optically Gated D-MOS Vertical TFET

This article reports a highly sensitive and low power photosensor using dual MOSCAP Vertical TFET for near infrared light detection in the wavelength range 0.7µm to 1µm. The optical voltage (VOP) developed because of the photogeneration occurring within the gate region enhances the gate control over the channel and produces higher drain current. The sensitivity is calculated by measuring the alteration of drain current with wavelength. Peak sensitivity of the order of 105 is obtained at VGS=0.5V and provides a maximum responsivity of 1.6×103 A/W at VGS=1.5V for λ= 0.7μm. This modified TFET based hybrid photosensor can be a new generation of highly sensitive photosensor.

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