Kumar J.

Department of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad Jharkhand – 826004, India


N08–Dependence of conduction mechanism on bias and temperature in quantum-dot based electroluminescent devices

Rani S., Kumar J.

Quantum dots (QDs) provide some unique properties which make them preferable over other luminescent materials, one such property being adjustable and sharp emission which makes it an interesting candidate for electroluminescent devices. A QD based electroluminescent device has been taken into consideration in this theoretical study. The effect of the bias, temperature, the presence of […]

SC07–Impact of effective capture cross section on generation-recombination rate in InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cell

Sharan A., Kumar J.

Quantum dot solar cell structures have been theoretically analysed to study the impact of effective capture cross sections on quantum dot generation-recombination processes. The Poisson’s and continuity equation were solved self-consistently to obtain electrostatic potential, electron and hole carrier distribution, and electron filling of the QDs. The occupation probability of the QDs was used to […]