Griese E.

Theoretical Electrical Engineering and Photonics, University of Siegen Siegen, Germany


IS07–Analysis of Concentration Dependencies for an Optical Directional Coupler Design

Uebach D., Kühler T., Griese E.

An integrated directional coupler is designed for a bidirectional communication on a single waveguide by separating both data streams within individual branches. Thereby, an adjustment of the numerical aperture of the transmitting branch is a promising optimization approach. As the couplers are manufactured by a field-assisted diffusion process the numerical aperture is directly related to […]

MM03–Parameter Estimation of an Ion-Exchange Process Based on a Pseudo Probability Measure

Roth J. P., Kühler T., Griese E.

For the realization of integrated optical waveguide components, needed for integrated photonic circuits, a promising approach to manufacturing is their embedding in thin glass sheets by thermal diffusion processes. Because prototyping or manufacturing small batch series is costly, appropriate numerical simulations are used in order to allow an accurate characterization. However, in practical applications it […]

MM06–Numerical Prediction of Propagation Characteristics for Integrated Optical Couplers

Uebach D., Roth J. P., Kühler T., Griese E.

The field-assisted ion-exchange process for manufacturing integrated optical couplers is multivariate. For this reason, a precise prediction of the optical propagation characteristics of manufactured devices is needed. Two numerical calculation methods are compared with measured results for an integrated coupler to assess its applicability for a precise prediction.