Diaz-Otero F.

atlanTTic Research Center, University of Vigo, EI Telecommunication, Campus Universitario s/n, 36310 Vigo, Portugal


IS04–Flexible and Highly Scalable LiDAR for an FMCW LiDAR PIC based on Grating Couplers

Voskerchyan V., Tian Y., Soares F. M., Diaz-Otero F.

In this paper three types of Silicon Photonics OPA architectures are proposed and investigated. Edge-fire optical phased array, that simplifies the design of the OPA. Second architecture is OPA with grating coupler antennas. Maximum steering angle for edge-fire OPA is ±44◦, FWHM is 0.10986◦. For GC OPA steering angle is ±20◦ and FWHM=1.003116◦. Third architecture […]

IS12pd–Modelling of mid-IR on-chip Doppler FMCW LiDAR System

Tian Y., Voskerchyan V., Soares F. M., Diaz-Otero F.

We propose a generic model that can simulate the functioning of doppler LiDAR system from given target speed, working distance and modulation pattern. Simulations confirm that our model yield system performance consistent with the theoretical calculations.