Witzigmann B.

Electromagnetic Fields Institute, Department EEI, Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Cauerstr. 7, D-91058 Erlangen, Germany


LED01–Effect of Inhomogeneous Broadening in Deep Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes

Roemer F., Witzigmann B.

Due to their small dimensions deep ultraviolet (DUV) light emitting diodes (LED) are highly attractive light sources for environmental and medical applications. DUV LEDs generate light in active quantum wells (QW) made of Aluminium Gallium Nitride. The QWs are not lattice matched to the substrate and only few monolayers thick making them susceptible to compound […]

P02–Quantum Information Interface on a Photonic Crystal Chip

Mertin P., Witzigmann B.

Quantum systems for information processing rely on the distribution of quantum information in a network. Lanthanide complexes coupled to an optical cavity can act as an interface between a stationary and a flying QuBit. Here we show that in such a system the stationary quantum information can be mapped onto a photon, paving the way […]