Tibaldi A.

Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy; IEIIT-CNR, Turin, Italy


D03–Plasmonic nanorods for enhanced absorption in mid-wavelength infrared detectors

Vallone M., Goano M., Tibaldi A., Hanna S., Eich D., Wegmann A., Figgemeier H., Ghione G., Bertazzi F.

The absorption properties of HgCdTe based infrared detectors can be greatly increased in the mid-infrared band, by incorporating nanostructured plasmonic arrays on the illuminated detector face. The array periodicity, combined with the excitation of surface plasmon-polariton stationary modes, enhances the absorption efficiency by a substantial amount, allowing to reduce in turn the HgCdTe absorption thickness. 

D04–Ge-on-Si waveguide photodetectors: multiphysics modeling and experimental validation

Alasio M. G. C., Goano M., Tibaldi A., Bertazzi F., Namnabat S., Adams D., Gothoskar P., Forghieri F., Ghione G., Vallone M.

This work compares a multiphysics modeling approach with experimental measurements of two Ge-on-Si butt-coupled waveguide photodetectors. The coupled three dimensional electromagnetic and electrical simulation of the frequency response shows promising agreement with the measurements at 1310 nm, and provides detailed information about significant microscopic quantities, such as the spatial distribution of the optical generation rate.

IS03–Simulation and design of plasmonic directional couplers: application to interference-based all-optical gates

Ghomashi M., Tibaldi A., Bertazzi F., Vallone M., Goano M., Ghione G.

The paper is focused on the design of optical components based on plasmonic multi-slot directional couplers. In particular, the design of an all-optical gate is proposed, whose operation is based on the coupling between three plasmonic slots. The device input wavelength is 1550 nm, typical of long-haul telecommunication systems. The device footprint is as small […]

LD04–A multiscale approach for BTJ-VCSEL electro-optical analysis

Gullino A., Pecora S., Tibaldi A., Bertazzi F., Goano M., Debernardi P.

This paper presents a theoretical comparison of the electro-optical characteristics of 850 nm GaAs/AlGaAs pinand BTJ-based VCSELs. The calculations are based on a drift-diffusion model coupled with a NEGF formalism, able to model accurately the tunneling across the TJ. The resulting LIV characteristics demonstrate promising improvements, at both 25 and 80 ◦C, enabled by TJ […]